Recognised professional training

The Enka qualification is recognised internationally within the construction industry. An Enka certificate proves that you have the skills necessary to work as a setting out engineer.

ISO 9001
Enka certification is provided by CQS, an organisation that works with businesses to provide ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 assessment and certification. CQS assess the Enka course to ensure it meets ISO9001 quality assurance standarts.

UK registered education & training provider

Enka College is registered in the UK as an education and training provi
der. Registration means that students who are eligible under government schemes offering support to vocational trainees can apply to take the coures. For example, this could be a student looking for training following a period of unemployment.

Enka College registration details:
UK Border Agency, Register of Education and Training Providers, Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills.
Registration Ref Number:15356


  Enka Accreditation