The Enka qualification

Enhance your career prospects with the Enka qualification

Students who successfully pass the course are awarded a ‘Diploma of Setting Out Competence’.

The qualification demonstrates that you’ve achieved the standard of professional competence necessary to work on a construction site as a site engineer. Career prospects are good for Enka graduates.

The final assessment is taken by all students to test their knowledge and understanding. The assessment is practical and time controlled to ensure the candidate is able to work quickly and accurately. The Enka certificate is awarded to students that demonstrate competence in all areas of setting out.

The current pass rate is 90%.

If you should fail you may retake the assessment and the exam fee is £250.

Please Note In the event the course is necessarily and unavoidably postponed or cancelled as a sole and direct result of a cause which is entirely beyond our control, we will endeavour to notify you immediately and place you onto the next available course.