Equipment used

Getting hands on experience

Throughout the practical course students will become completely comfortable operating the equipment used in the setting out process.

Total Station (also known as EDM)

A total station is an instrument used in modern surveying. It is an electronic theodolite with integrated electronic distance measurement (EDM) to read and calculate bearings between two points. With its onboard computer a total station can calculate the co-ordinates of any point on site.

Automatic Level and Laser Level

These instruments are used to accurately identify levels on site. An automatic level uses line of sight, enhanced by telescope, while a laser level emits a visible beam. Both rely on the use of a marked staff to mark out positions.

Pipe Laser

This equipment is used to accurately lay pipes. The laser measures distance and alignment for tunnel borings, setting of pipes and setting of line & grade for many types of construction

Pre-Programmed Calculator  & fees £95

A calculator used to aid bearing, distance and co-ordinate calculations.

Equipment Used Equipment Used