5.1 Health and Safety, and security during construction

Your Company Safety Instructions will refer to the following:

    (a)  Legal Requirements

          Health and Safety at Work

          Statutory Instrument

          The Construction (General Provision)

          The Construction (Lifting Operations)

          The Construction (Working Places)

          The Construction (Health and Welfare)

          Practice for safety in erecting structural frames.

          Fire Precautions in the Design, Construction and Use of Buildings.

    (b)  Steel members must be securely connected and/or temporarily

          braced to deal adequately with all forces during the erection period

          and no temporary bracing is to be removed until permanent bracing

          or other permanent stabilising elements (such as shear walls, centre

          core towers etc.) are completed. No permanent members acting

          as stabilising elements of the structure shall be removed or modified

          to clear equipment, piping etc. without prior consent of the designer.