The Enka courses

Is the Enka site engineer course right for you?

The answer is YES!

2 week course

Ideal for anyone who has site experience and wants to move into site engineering to further their career, including bricklayers, groundworkers, steel erectors, steel fixers, site foremen, site managers, contract managers.

Course details

For the 2 week course you should have some experience of working on a construction site. We believe any length of site experience will have enabled you to encounter and understand each part of the construction process.

2 weeks course (2 weeks hands on practical intensive course in swindon):

When you chose the course dates that you find suitable, simply fill in the booking form with your name, phone number and email address. The form will automatically be sent through to our office. You will then be contacted, via email, and your booking will be confirmed. Once you have paid the £400 deposit, the coursework will be sent to you over email. Full details about the course will then be emailed to you

Please Note In the event the course is necessarily and unavoidably postponed or cancelled as a sole and direct result of a cause which is entirely beyond our control, we will endeavour to notify you immediately and place you onto the next available course.

If you are in any doubt about which course is suitable for you,please contact our head office on 07708 993907 or email

Course Objectives

  • Setting Out (marking the position of structures) and levelling the site.

  • Learning the importance of how to become competent in checking and taking care of vital engineering equipment e.g. EDM / Laser levels etc.

  • A reduction in the time being taken to become a proficient setting out / site engineer etc thus offering cost savings to the client.

  • Minimising and eliminating systematic and gross errors on setting out

  • Learning the importance of accurate figure taking, recording and the keeping of appropriate site engineering sketches.

  • Increased confidence in a site engineers ability to do the job and do it well.

  • Learning how to build structures such as Lift shaft, Retaining wall, Pile Cap, Reinforced Concrete, Steel Frame (Holding down bolts), Bridge, Box Culvert, Traditional Housing, Drainage, Roads, etc.

  • WCB and Co-ordinate calculations;

  • Introduces coordinates systems and transformations (Global to Local)

  • Pipe laser readings

  • Gradient calculations;

  • Horizontal and vertical curves ;

  • Manholes,

  • Learning how to read  the Bending schedule and still drawings,

  • Site Survey, Establish primary stations and datum's;

  • Use of Automatic level for profiles, batter rails, drainage, foundations etc.

  • Logging information in level book and calculating AOD levels.

  • Setting out using tape measure including diagonal cross checks etc for foundations, drainage, kerbing.

  • RFI Files

  • Method Statement, Risk Assessment

  • Checking drawings and quantities and ensuring that the calculations are accurate for the work;

  • Overseeing the selection and requisition of materials and plant for use in the construction;

  • Agreeing a price for materials, and making costeffective solutions and proposals for the intended project;

  • Planning the work and efficiently organising the plant and site facilities in order to meet agreed deadlines;

  • Liaising with any consultants, subcontractors, supervisors, planners, quantity surveyors and the general workforce involved in the project;

  • Liaising with clients and their representatives (architects, engineers and surveyors), including attending regular meetings to keep them informed of progress;

  • Daytoday management of the site, including supervising and monitoring the site labour force and monitoring the work of any subcontractors;

  • Writing detailed reports;

  • Overseeing quality control and safety matters on the site, and ensuring that regulations are adhered to; Resolving any unexpected technical difficulties, and other problems that may arise;